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How Testosterone & Hormone Injections Work (Along With Growth Hormone, Peptides, SARMs, PRP & Much More!) Https:// In the podcast "The Non-Pill, Natural Alternative To Viagra That Instantly Fixes Erectile Dysfunction, Boosts Drive In Men & Women, Enhances Orgasm & Much More." I interviewed Dr. Richard Gaines about how he uses something called "Acoustic Sound Wave Therapy" in both men and women to enhance orgasms, libid Ben Greenfield Fitness
IMTalk Episode 574 News: Results from IMUK and John's ITU update, plus we look at Austria and Germany; One off Ironman in Philippines; Race of legends in Emburn next year; Yvonne's statement about Daniela in Roth; Coming up races; Rant of the Week. This Weeks With Embrun having a legends race next year we thought we would ask you 'what defines a legend?'. Let us kno IM Talk
How A Simple Stick Developed Into One Of The Most Advanced Muscle Self-Quantification & Isometric Training Tools That Exists. My guest on today's podcast, Justin Andrews - from the notorious Mindpump podcast - has an incredible passion for disrupting the personal training industry and creating groundbreaking programs and training tools that fitness professionals and their clients alike can benefit from. He believes that the fitness industry needs a massive facelift and a Ben Greenfield Fitness
The Single Missing Mystery Nutrient That Contributes To The 10 Leading Causes Of Aging & Disease Worldwide (And How Get 100-1,000 Times More Of It Tha Https:// My guest on today's podcast is Catharine Arnston, and she puts my own algae consumption to shame, eating 75 pieces of chlorella and 75 pieces of spirulina every day. She holds an MBA from Western’s Ivey School of Business, and a BA in geography and economic development from Queen’s University. She is a Bo Ben Greenfield Fitness
370: The Latest On "Workouts In A Pill", How Much Exercise Keeps Your Cells Young, Oxytocin Supplementation & More! July 12, 2017 Podcast: 370 - The Latest On "Workouts In A Pill", How Much Exercise Keeps Your Cells Young, Oxytocin Supplementation & More! Have a podcast question for Ben? Click the tab on the right (or go to SpeakPipe), use the Contact button on the app, call 1-877-209-9439, or use the “Ask Ben” form at the bottom of this page. News Flashes : Ben Greenfield Fitness
Day 6 Challenge Roth Super Specials - Bart Aernouts, Laura Siddal, Maurice Clavel, Yvonne Van Vlerken, Terenzo Bozzone, Brad Kahlefeldt and Dougal All On todays show we have post race interviews with Bart Aernouts, Laura Siddal, Maurice Clavel, Yvonne Van Vlerken, Terenzo Bozzone, Brad Kahlefeldt and Dougal Allan. We also have John's race report and post race interviews with Camp Kia Kaha participants. IM Talk
Day 5 Challenge Roth Super Specials - Chrissie Wellington, Simon Whitfield, Lisa Bentley, Felix Walchshöfer and Thorsten Radd Go to for todays show notes. IM Talk
What Is The Bible? How an Ancient Library of Poems, Letters, and Stories Can Transform the Way You Think and Feel About Everything. Https:// I read. A lot. On an average week, I read 3-5 books, listen to 15-20 podcasts, and read several dozen research articles. And one of my secrets to this hyperproductive digestion of information is through the use of services, websites, journals, newsletters and, well, “digests” that disseminate info Ben Greenfield Fitness
Day 4 Challenge Roth Super Specials - Terenzo Bozzone, Brad Kahlefeldt, Dougal Allan, Michelle Vesterby, Belinda Granger, Dylan McNeice and Joe Skippe Go to for todays show notes. IM Talk
Day 3 Challenge Roth Super Specials - Daniella Ryf, Nils Frommhold and lots of Pro's Go to for this weeks show notes. IM Talk
Day 2 Challenge Roth Super Specials - Heather Wurtele and Camp Kia Kaha Interviews Go to for todays show notes. IM Talk
Sex, Coffee & Chocolate While Pregnant, Babies On Airplanes, Eating Placentas & More: The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth Https:// For the last half-century, control over childbirth has been in favor of doctors. Many pregnancy guidebooks are conventional, fear-based, or written by male physicians deeply entrenched in the medical model of birth. But change is underway. A groundswell of women are taking back their pregnancy and childb Ben Greenfield Fitness
IMTalk Episode 573 - Challenge Roth Super Special - Day 1 Today is the first day of our Challenge Roth Super Special. We have an interview with Scott Molina and lots of Camp Kia Kaha​ interviews. IM Talk
Harnessing the Power of Natural Killer Cell For Enhanced Immunity, Longevity, Performance & Beyond. Https:// My guest on today's podcast, Jonathan Clinthorne, PhD, has an intimate knowledge regarding the role that diet plays in immune function. Although it flies under the radar in nutrition science, the idea that certain nutrients can interact with the function of a type of cell known as a natural killer (NK) c Ben Greenfield Fitness
FB #219 - The Bighorn 100 This week the tables are turned and I'm getting interviewed by non other than my awesome wife, Charlotte Paul. It's more a conversation about my experience of my first 100 mile run race through the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming. Today's podcast is a long one... TriSpecific
369: 12 Potent Tips To Increase Your Energy, How To Time Your Vitamins & Supplements, Can Testosterone Be Too High & Much More. Https:// June 28, 2017 Podcast: 369 - 12 Potent Tips To Increase Your Energy, How To Time Your Vitamins & Supplements, Can Testosterone Be Too High & Much More. Have a podcast question for Ben? Click the tab on the right (or go to SpeakPipe), use the Contact button on the app, call 1-877-209-9439, or use the “Ask Ben Ben Greenfield Fitness
IMTalk Episode 572 - Alicia Di Fabio, Jack Lesyk and Gordo Byrn It's the last in our interview packed shows, next week we'll be starting our Roth coverage. This week we have three more great interviews. Interview: Alicia Di Fabio is the author of Woman Who Tri: A Reluctant Athlete's Journey Into the Heart of America's Newest Obsession. In her book she shares how her local triathlon community has created and env IM Talk
FB #218 - Teresa Rider This week I have the first person I ever spoke to in the sport of Triathlon. Teresa Rider was the then partner of John Hill (our first coach) and was a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Teresa proves that you’re never too old to start and etch away at blowing the doors off of what’s possible. She started at 33 years young. With NO swim backg TriSpecific
ZenTri 640 - Ketones, Green Tea, Cheater Busted, Itching Solved Experimenting with exogenous ketones, what is in green tea that makes it better for endurance than coffee, Chrissie Wellington does her first Ultramarathon, why your skin itches when you start working out, cheater busted for deflating another woman's tire during a race, and much more! Zen and the Art of Triathlon
Good Carbs, Bad Carbs, High Carbs, Low Carbs & More: Clearing Up Carbohydrate Confusion With Dr. Michael Ruscio. Https:// I first interviewed Dr. Michael Ruscio in the podcast episode "Why Healthy People Get Broken Guts, And What You Can Do About It." In that discussion, we delve into: - Dr. Ruscio’s personal diet, and what his typical day looks like (including his meal of choice at Whole Foods)… - The surprising things that h Ben Greenfield Fitness
Ketogenic Pizza, Ketogenic Toast, Ketogenic Cornflakes, Bulletproof-Ish Coffee & More: The Ketogenic Kitchen Cookbook Https:// Ketogenic pizza. Ketogenic toast. Ketogenic cornflakes. Yep, each of these, and many of carbalicious food items actually do exist in low-carb, high-fat nutrient dense recipes. You just have to know what to do, and you have to be willing to think outside the box of how most ketogenic eaters operate: which Ben Greenfield Fitness
TT091: Sports Psychology: The Brave Athlete The Brave Athlete is a new book by Dr. Simon Marshall and Lesley Patterson covering cutting-edge brain training for athletes. Lesley is a professional triathlete and mountain biker. Her resume includes a few Xterra World Championships titles. Dr. Simon Marshall is a former Professor of Family and Preventive Medicine at the University of California Triathlete Training Podcast
IMTalk Episode 571 - Chris Case, Kriss Hendy and Valerie Silk This week is another interview packed show for you! There's one about heart health, then we have one about strength training for endurance athletes, and then we finish up with a Legends interview with Valeria Silk (the original race director in Kona). Interview: We have the author of The Haywire Heart, Chris Case on the show. He talks to us about h IM Talk
The Man I Call "Scraper": Snowboard Shredding, Fascia Fluffing, Protective Chakra Energy Balls & Much More With Scott Dolly. Https:// I've met a lot of interesting characters and crazy cats in my life. Scott Dolly, AKA "The Scraper" (at least, that's what I call him) is no exception. I first met Scott in Costa Rica at a digital detox, hot yoga retreat and adventure getaway called "Runga". Yep, that's the same event at which I hung out w Ben Greenfield Fitness
FB# 217 - Musings from the road Well… there have been no podcasts due to the simple fact of moving back to Whistler and all the craziness around that and then moving in and getting everything done before this trip to Bighorn 100 for my 100 miler. Honestly I just ran out of time to edit one from Teresa Rider and another from Chris Kelly. They will be out on our return along with TriSpecific
368: Building Muscle & Testosterone On A Ketogenic Diet, Food Combining, Psychedelic Experimentation, Natural Depression Remedies & More! June 14, 2017 Podcast: 368 - Building Muscle & Testosterone On A Ketogenic Diet, Food Combining, Psychedelic Experimentation, Natural Depression Remedies & More! NEW! Click here for the official BenGreenfieldFitness calendar of events. Have a podcast question for Ben? Click the tab on the right (or go to SpeakPipe), use the Contact button on the ap Ben Greenfield Fitness
IMTalk Episode 570 - Melissa Urie, Aaron Galley and Erin Baker With the boys being away we have an interview packed show for you this week. Interview: Melissa Urie has recently completed Epic 5. We get her on the show to talk about the event and all of the other crazy training she has been doing. You can check out what Melissa is doing by going to Interview: In 2009 Aaron Galley IM Talk
The Complete Guide to Fasting: How To Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting Https:// Thousands of books have been written about the latest and greatest diets that will help people lose weight and improve health. But a key element in any successful nutritional health program is a tried-and-true method that most people haven’t thought about—yet it could be revolutionary for taking health t Ben Greenfield Fitness
ZenTri 639 - How to Bike with Zen An A to Z review of how to set up your bike the Zen way for the best results, and how to ride for the best training and racing. Also a long term review of Finis Agility swim paddles and how to use a drag chute for best results. And much more! Zen and the Art of Triathlon
A Food Industry Expert Reveals The Shocking Truth About "Healthy" Energy Bars, Protein Bars & Paleo Bars (& How To Choose The Right Bar). Https:// As I described just a few days ago in this comprehensive article "Dirty Little Secrets Of The "Healthy" Energy Bar Industry (& The Shocking Truth About Protein Bars, Paleo Bars & Beyond).", I used to be an energy and "health" bar addict. I'd easily consume 2-3 energy bars an hour on a long bike ride, always have Ben Greenfield Fitness
IMTalk Episode 569 - Epic Camp Interviews News: The results for Ironman Brazil (and Tim Don's amazing result), and Challenge's Championship Race; Coming up Races; Wanda buys Competitor Group; John's ITU update. Coaches Corner: This week we talk about what to do when you are injured. App of the Week: Here's the app of the week, Headspace. John's Race Report: John breaks down his Kona 70.3 w IM Talk
Why You Can't Get Away From The Toxin Glyphosate (& What You Can Do About It). Https:// My guest on today's podcast, Zach Bush, MD, is one of the few triple board certified physicians in the country, with expertise in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, and Hospice / Palliative care. He was introduced to me by former podcast guest Dr. Joseph Mercola, and he is an extremely, extreme Ben Greenfield Fitness
Getting Shredded For A Wedding, How To Conquer Fear Of Fruit, Lifting Heavy Stuff & More: The Laura Schoenfield Podcast Laura Schoenfeld, in addition to officially being the individual who introduced me to "fried pickles" at a recent Weston A. Price Foundation conference, is a registered dietitian trained in functional medical nutrition therapy. Her philosophy on nutrition is influenced by ancestral diets, principles of biochemistry, current research, and clinical e Ben Greenfield Fitness
TT090: Pro Cyclist Phil Gaimon Phil Gaimon was a pro cyclist from 2009 to 2016, including two years on the WorldTour with Garmin Sharp and Cannondale. He’s done Paris Roubaix, won Redlands twice, and finished second at the Tour of the Gila. He just retired last year, as he put it, after Jonathan vaughters stopped returning his phone calls. Even though he's retired he’s still Triathlete Training Podcast
Maximize Oxygen Utilization Efficiency, Simulate High Altitude Training, Get The Cardiovascular Capacity of a Navy SEAL & More With "The Oxygen Advant Https:// It's no secret that I'm somewhat obsessed with breathing. In the past years I've written articles on everything from combining ketosis, breath holds and freediving, to how to make your own hyperbaric “exercise with oxygen therapy” (EWOT) device, to Wim Hof style breathing for cold thermogenesis t Ben Greenfield Fitness
FB #216 - InsideTracker - A look into my bloods! Today I speak with Mariah and Laura ( I mean Sassy) from Inside Tracker about their blood testing but all about my bloods from my pin prick in time - InsideTracker has become well-known among athletes for its ‘never-ending scientific discoveries and relentless pursuit of the health movement’. Its vision is to extend the quality and duration of TriSpecific
IMTalk Episode 568 - Debi Hazelden and Peter Reid We have prerecorded this week show as John has headed over to Hawaii. We have two great interviews on. Interview: Debi Hazelden complete her 100 Half Ironman's in 100 days recently. We get her on the show to talk about her experience. Go to their Facebook page to support their fundraising, Our photo this IM Talk
Transformation Through Triathlon With Michelle Dinsdale – TSC Podcast #118 Download this episode In this episode of the TriSwim Coach Podcast, Kevin interviews age group triathlete Michelle Dinsdale. Currently as a health coach, she now helps people from all walks of life transform their bodies and improve their energy so that they can get more done in less time. Topics discussed in this episode: Her background and what R Tri Swim Coach
Smearing Your Face With Avocado & Papayas, Dabbing Your Skin With Pineapples & Green Algae, Fixing Acne Forever & Much More With Dr. Trevor Cates. Https:// Ever consider grabbing an avocado or papaya from your kitchen and smearing it all over your face? How about mixing up some pineapple and green algae to dab on your skin? Or how about this... Ben Greenfield Fitness
IMTalk Episode 567 News: Results from Ironman Lanzarote and a few 70.3's; A new 70.3 in Sri Lanka, Challenge Championship field; Ironman Brazil and Frenchman is coming up. This Weeks If you were to create an epic training day for Epic Camp what would it involve? Remember you only have a 12 hour window for training. Comment here. This Weeks Photo: Here's Bevan with o IM Talk
40 - Brownlee V's Frodo No Go 2017 Superleague updates - Race 1 location announced (sort of!) Alistair Brownlee dominance! Brownlee V's Frodeno - When they will meet Holly Lawrence V's Daniela Ryf Ultraman Australia and Coach Justin Granger's athlete Andrew Hartnett Questions Answered ... MaccaX Uncensored
Cyclic Ketosis, "Thinkitating", Bad-Ass Meditation, Morning Routines & More With Quest Nutrition Founder Tom Bilyeu Https:// My guest today is no underachiever. His name is Tom Bilyeu, and if you've ever munched on a Quest Nutrition bar, you've probably nibbled on a bit of Tom's genius. Tom is the co-founder of 2014 Inc. 500 company Quest Nutrition - a unicorn startup valued at over $1 billion - and the co-founder and host of Impact T Ben Greenfield Fitness
FB #215 - Dr Simon Marshall This week I get to have a helluva fun conversation with Dr Simon Marshall the other half of Lesley Patterson - the sports psych half that trains the brains of athletes and fitness enthusiasts to become happier and more mentally tough. We delve deeper into their new book “The Brave Athlete – Calm the Fuck Down and Rise to the Occasion” and do TriSpecific
TT089: Aspiring Pro Triathlete / Former Motocross Racer Justin Mendoza Justin Mendoza didn't know much about triathlon until he saw Craig Alexander's 50 minute Aussies Abroad video on Youtube. Then he knew he triathlon was what he wanted to do. He had recently transitioned out of Motocross racing after some serious accidents and four weeks after watching the video he did an Olympic distance triathlon near his home in Triathlete Training Podcast
The Shocking Story Of Vaccines, The Toxicity Of Ultrasounds, Why You Shouldn't Play With Your Child & Much More With Dr. Thomas Cowan Https:// I first introduced you to the brilliant, well-spoken and outside-the-box physician Dr. Thomas Cowan in the podcast episode entitled "How (& Why) To Eat More Vegetables, Why A Plant Is Like An Upside-Down Human, Little-Known Superfood Plants & More!". Dr. Cowan then returned to the show for the mind-blowing Ben Greenfield Fitness
ZenTri 638 - Lauren Brandon One of the fastest swimmers in Ironman joins us to talk about how she trains and races, giving us info on what it takes to swim like a pro! In the training log, we go to Kai's first "grown up" triathlon where we both do great and then discuss a simple trick to fuel smarter and beat the competition. Check out more at Zen and the Art of Triathlon
IMTalk Episode 566 - Laura Siddal News: Lots of 70.3 results; Ultraman Oz update; Ironman Lanzarote is coming up; Outlaw sells out; John's ITU update. This Weeks The Mountain Snail sent through this article which is about a new drug that may have a big impact on the mind side of endurance sport. This made us think about the mind strategies that you use when you are training. So in IM Talk
Porn, Sugar, Cookies, Bananas, Sweet Potato Chips & The Matrix: A Wired To Eat Book Review With Robb Wolf. Https:// The last time I had Robb Wolf on my show, we talked about nicotine gum, alactic training, binaural beats, small-scale farming and a whole lot more. This interview with Robb threatens to be no different, as we delve into his new book Wired to Eat: Turn Off Cravings, Rewire Your Appetite for Weight Loss, and Det Ben Greenfield Fitness
FB #214 - Dr Grace Liu Todays podcast is a topic close to my heart. Without a doubt it was screwed up gut biome that switched on my celiac gene and it was the thing I needed to fix to get strong and resilient again. So Im fortunate to have one of the worlds leading experts in the field on the Fat Black. Dr. Grace Liu is a trained functional medicine practitioner and foun TriSpecific
The Problem With Meal Replacements, Soylent Knockoffs & A Radical New Superfood. Https// I recently had a chance to taste a new superfood meal replacement powder called "Ample" (you can use code GREENFIELD for a big, fat 15% discount). It was so tasty, and such an interesting approach to the burgeoning world of dime-a-dozen meal replacement powders (it actually was the #1 food campaign of al Ben Greenfield Fitness
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